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Weekly Yoga Classes

Yoga that supports you and the community.

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Although most Sacred Spirit Services are offered at my home studio, weekly yoga classes take place downtown Elgin in the art studio.  This weekly yoga class is a collaborative effort to bring the healing power of yoga to more people.  Weekly yoga classes will have a very minimal cost to register making them more accessible to those who otherwise could not participate.   


You have the option to register for the in-person class or choose the virtual option.  With the virtual option you can join us while we practice live or receive the recorded session to practice later in the week at your convenience.

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Working Together

With this arrangement we have agreed to donate 50% of all class earnings back to Side Street Studio Arts so they can continue to offer children's programs for free.  To help support us and our cause, please consider including an "add-on" or tip to your class payment at check-out.  50% of everything earned from yoga will go to SSSA and 50% will help a yoga teacher make a living.  Yoga is commonly $20 per session. 

Please pay what you can.  Due to software constraints the max tip allowed is 7.5%.  It is your choice to add a tip or choose an "add-on" of another denomination of donation or just pay the $5.

Register for Yoga 

Please click the button below to be taken to the registration page.

Yoga Means Union

Yoga is about connection.  Each of our weekly classes will be an opportunity to connect with your body through your breath.  When you take the time to slow down and be present many healing opportunities are presented and you will be supported on your journey as you learn to be present with yourself.

Joint Strength and Stability with Flexibility.

Many people think that yoga is only for flexible people and others think that yoga is just meditation and stretching.  I can tell you that neither mindset is accurate.  Each class will have you focused on finding stability and proper movement for safety of all of your joints along with strengthening of the supporting structures while you also learn how to find, lengthen and balance out muscle tension through the breath.

Slow and Solid

Have you ever been in a yoga class and felt rushed into and out of poses?  Me too and I don't enjoy it.  Here you will be guided to follow your body and breath. At any point you should feel welcome to stay in a pose longer or repeat it if that's what your body wants.  In addition, you are encouraged to bring a sheet of paper and a pencil to jot down a few notes or stick figure poses to remember for your home practice later.  It is all about you having time for you.

Variety, Peace and Presence

Those are three things I guarantee you will find in each session.  Although you will become familiar with a basic framework to the sessions each one will feature new asanas, self-help techniques and ways of looking inward to continue working toward healing with your body.

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