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Meet Our Instructor

Natalie Pendergrass LMT, E-RYT

Sacred Spirit Education works to bring healing to the people through yoga, sound healing, massage therapy and more.  Sacred Spirit Education also provides continuing education workshops for professional massage therapists. Natalie has been a teacher for 22+ years and brings peace, joy and presence to every experience helping each student to obtain what they need from the session.  From group healing or educational sessions to private healing experiences Natalie's focus will be on bringing her years of education and knowledge into your session to help you learn, heal and grow. 

For massage therapists we offer a variety of workshops that are designed to help you enhance your practice and provide the highest level of care to your clients.
As a massage therapist of over 20-years living with a hyper-mobile body, my aim in every workshop is to help you work more efficiently, achieving client goals and outcomes with less effort and with no strain on your body.  Join me to improve your skills, achieve outcomes faster and easier and have fun while learning.

Welcome to Sacred Spirit Education

Healing Sessions and Educational Workshops

Meet Natalie
Why Naturopathy

Why Choose Sacred Spirit Education?

Our Workshops Can Help You:

Enhance Your Skills

Our workshops are designed to help you develop new skills and techniques that will enhance your self-healing and therapeutic practice.

Prevent Burnout

This modern life is busy and keeps us rushing and working hard to get ahead.  Pain and injury are some of the leading causes of therapists leaving the profession and why many seek the help of a therapist.  Each of our workshops has a strong foundation in sound body-mechanics and safe movement.  In addition, when you take the time to be with others on their healing and growth journey you re-connect to your purpose and love of life and work.

Expand Your Knowledge

Our workshops cover a wide range of topics related to hands-on therapies and vibrational/energy healing.  Join us to expand your knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest research and techniques.

Specialize in Your Practice

For the professional bodyworker we offer workshops on specialized topics, such as Gua Sha and Reflexology to help you specialize in your practice and better serve your clients.

Be in community

Our workshops provide opportunities to connect with other like minded adults, supporting you in building relationships to share knowledge and resources.

Reduce Stress

All of our workshops are geared toward supporting your growth, insight and healing.  Join us to find your peace within.


“The most useful class I have taken since I graduated in 2013.  Love the 3.5 hour format”

— Lili Killbridge

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